• Alyssa Cephas

I’ve Trained My Whole Life for Today

The creation of life is and will forever be God's most precious gift. As a little girl, even before I knew where babies came from or how they even came to be, I was always fascinated with pregnant women. I wanted to feed and love and rub them because even at a young age I knew what precious cargo they were holding. I would stay up late at night and watch the baby shows. You know the ones on TLC that would show all the women having babies and it just sparked something in me. I mean that was it! At that moment, 7 year old me had decided that there were no other options and I was going to deliver babies. I used those shows as a training ground and you couldn't tell me NOTHING! Preeclampsia? Check! Gestational diabetes? Got it! You could put any pregnant woman in front of me and I was ready to diagnose and I had no doubts I wouldn't be absolutely right.

Then you grow up a little and realize you really don't like school all that much. Like, I only went because my mom made me and I didn't really see much of a loophole for medical school. So a childhood dream started to become less of a goal and more of a long lost aspiration. So for years I settled on things that were just going to pay the bills. Cosmetologist, bartender, repo driver, and collection agent. I even gave Uber a try. A bunch of things that were never quite right but after years of wasting precious time I kind of gave up. I accepted the fact that I might not ever love what I do, but understanding that I still had to work.

But then one day while living in Japan I heard about this unconventional thing that sounded like it had to be made just for me. A doula. There was this magnificent woman by the name of Lynn Jones of Assisted Journey Doula and Birth Photography. She was a doula. She was amazing! I wanted what she had. She had this glow that radiated from within her as she told me all about what she did. I needed that. That is what was missing in my life. I picked her brain for all the information I possibly could with this plan of becoming one of the best doulas ever. But for some reason it was so easy to talk about it while staying lost in the daily routine of monotony that I had chosen to become my life.

Years went by...

Choices were made...

It became harder to see any light at the end of the tunnel...

Then God gave me one of his most precious gifts. Something inside of me, literally, came alive and began to grow along with something that had been planted a long time ago. I was having a baby and I had a decision to make. This time, time was not on my side. For 28 years I didn’t have to consider anyone other than my self, and now there’s this little person I’m going to have to keep alive with more than just love. How will I provide for her? Sure, I have a wonderful family that I know will help me along the way but there’s nothing like knowing that you alone can care for your child.

As my stomach began to grow, the fire that was once just a spark began to burn like never before and I began planning for my future. Researching exactly who I wanted to partner with and what company I wanted to go through for certification. I wanted to go with someone who had continuous education and training as well as a genuine love for this work and that partnership couldn’t be with no other than ProDoula. They had the knowledge, the training, the numbers, but more importantly, they had leaders who were hands on and still doing work to be progressive in this field.

On October 15, 2018 I had a beautiful baby girl and I can definitely say that my daughter saved my life. I wouldn’t have made the decisions to be the person I am today if I didn’t have her. I have used the first year of her life to build a bond with her that can never be broken and build a business with my mom that can one day be the legacy that we leave behind for her.

Life PREP Associates, LLC. and Life PREP Doula Services is a collective of early care and wellness consultants. Together we provide social and emotional development and supportive services for infants, toddlers, families and early care professionals. Our doula services cater to women of color providing safe, empowering, and supportive birth journeys while also offering Child Birth Education in conjunction with antenatal and labor support. Together we are here to assist you through every stage of life.

Miss Alyssa

-Mother, Daughter, Doula ✊🏾

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