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Feeling anxious about giving birth is common and normal, and we’re here to remind you that it’s a natural, beautiful experience. We offer comprehensive, caring and professional support services before, during and after birth.

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Doula is a word with Greek origins, meaning

“a woman who serves.”  Today, a doula refers to a labor companion;  A trained professional who will provide the emotional, physical, and informational support before, during,  and after childbirth.

A Doula does not support the medical needs during labor, but research shows that women need fewer medical interventions when they have a Doula by their side.

The Birthing Journey with a Doula

Unwavering, Customized Care

We provide non-stop, unbiased and compassionate support throughout pregnancy and the first steps into parenthood. After assessing birthing needs, we help you create a personalized plan to support your growing family. Research shows that no matter where or how a woman gives birth, Doulas help make that experience a more positive one.

How We Help

A Doula recognizes that the birthing process and the postpartum period can be overwhelming.  That's why we are committed to making the experience as positive and empowering as possible.

By providing support and guidance during pregnancy, child-birth and the first stages of parenthood, We help new and seasoned mothers and families in welcoming their babies into the world.

Personalized Support

As a Doula, we’ll be with you every step of the way through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our doulas are committed to understanding your unique needs and concerns and customize each service to fit your birthing preferences.


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